Mini Rep Soccer


The Mini Russell Raiders program provides an opportunity for players aged 9, 10, 11, and 12 wishing to develop their skills to compete at a higher level.

The Mini Russell Raiders play in the ERSL (East Region Soccer League).

The program has the following characteristics:

  • There are separate teams and divisions for boys and girls, subject to registration numbers, at each age group.
  • The season runs from Victoria Day to late August or early September.
  • The season encompasses 12 to 15 games, dependent on number of teams in the division and 50% of the games are played in Russell.
  • Teams often compete in one or more tournaments throughout the season, one of which is the Russell Tournament; the others may be local, out of town or both. Usually the coach and the parents agree on a tournament schedule and costs.
  • Teams usually play one game per week (on a set weeknight) and have at least one practice per week (usually there are 2 practices per week).
  • U9/U10 : The games are played on a mini field with 7-a-side and consists of 4 quarters of 12 minutes.30 minute halves.

  • U11/U12: The games are played on a larger-field with 9-a-side soccer and consists of 4 quarters of 15 minutes.


  • Refer to the LTPD Tab for more details in how U9 to U12 soccer is run by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA).


  • The maximum game day roster size for league games for U9/U10 is 12 players and for U11/U12 is 14 players. If there is a roster that is larger than the maximum game day roster size , then players will take turns throughout the season and may sit out games(s)..

  • Ontario Soccer rules does not allow players to be cut form the ages of 9-12.  

Playing at this level does require a higher level of commitment, and players are expected to attend all games and practices unless due notice has been given to the coaches.

Players must adhere to the club and league code of conduct and will receive monetary fines, suspensions or loss of membership for violations.

Teams entered will depend on the availability of an experienced and qualified coaching staff and sufficient players with the capability and desire to play at this level.

REFUND POLICY: A full refund will be provided up to March 1 if there were no evaluations for the team or within 5 days after final evaluations being completed for that age group. Written notice must be received by the Registrar or RSC Administrator before these dates. Thereafter, a minimum administration fee of $75.00 as set by the Board of Directors will be charged to cover the administration costs. After the first day of Rep League play, no refund will be given except under exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Registrar and Raiders Director.

Players, who register for a Representative Team and, after try-outs, are not successful have the option to play in the House League or withdraw completely from the soccer program. The club will provide a full refund, without penalty, if the player decides to withdraw from the soccer program and will provide a refund based on the cost difference between the Rep program and House League if the player chooses to play in the House League program within the time frame noted above.