General Information
We continue to receive feedback (mostly positive!) and questions on a regular basis about the ongoing implementation of Long-Term Player Development.  We want and need this feedback because it will help us to even better understand the challenges that Clubs face as they phase-in the various development stage approaches around LTPD.
We know people are very busy and may not have had time over the past few weeks to read the updates we have sent out about some of these changes.  As we settle into perhaps more of a regular “routine” after Labour Day, I wanted to share some links that will hopefully help to answer a few of the questions that Clubs, coaches and parents may have as we progress along this path.
When you have a moment, click on any of the links below for more information:
  1. Clarifying some misconceptions around LTPD
  2. An FAQ specifically for parents
  3. Links to many different articles about the impact of LTPD in soccer-playing countries around the world
  4. A link to the new OSA LTPD video
  5. Where do smaller Clubs fit within LTPD?
  6. Do referees have a role in LTPD?
  7. How Clubs can host a presentation on LTPD
We will have further updates for you over the next month, including a large surge in coaching courses and ongoing progress around league structure.  For now, the above links provide some additional perspective on the rationale behind the steps we are taking.

Alex Chiet
OSA Chief Technical Officer