Russell Raiders Youth Academy


Russell Raiders Youth Soccer Academy


Do you have a passion for the game and the determination to excel?  Are you ready to take your soccer game to the next level?

The Raiders Youth Soccer Academy is the perfect place for aspiring young talents ages 10 to 17. With a unique approach inspired by the renowned Positional Play methodology, we are here to nurture the soccer stars of tomorrow!

Our academy is designed to do more than just kick the ball. We focus on developing the technical skills of each player and deepening their understanding of the game, just like the pros!  By instilling the principles of Positional Play, we help young athletes become more tactically aware and confident players on the field.

The top players from Club (as identified during the selection process) will have the opportunity to participate in weekly Academy sessions where our experienced Raiders coaches will work closely with each group to tailor their training, ensuring age-appropriate development.

*Summer sessions will be on Sunday evenings and are in addition to your regular team commitments.

We are looking forward to helping you unlock your full potential at the Raiders Youth Soccer Academy.  Let your journey to greatness begin!


 *More information to come on dates/times for the OPEN ‘try-outs’ for our SUMMER program*



About the Academy Technical Lead:

The Russell Soccer Club welcomes Yacouba Traoré!

Yacouba is a fully certified community soccer coach and has been coaching both competitive and regional soccer for more than 13 years. Yacouba was one of the first coaches in Ottawa to be trained on the FC Barcelona Coaching and Training Methodology, as a coach at the FCB Academy.