Rules for RSC House League

Refereeing/Assistant Refereeing House League U11 - U21

Unless indicated below all divisions from U11 to U21 follow FIFA laws of the game.

Note: U11/12 use the retreat line.

U11/12 - 2 X 20 minutes, 5 minute halftime, referee blows whistle at 6:45 and 7:45 to start the game.

U13/14, U15/U16, U17/U21  2 X 22.5 minutes, 5 minute half-time, referee blows whistle at 6:40 and 7:40 to start the game.

  1. For these divisions you keep a record of the shirt # of the goal scorers and when you file your report on Powerup enter the score and in the comments box the shirt # of the goalscorers.
  2. If you show a yellow or red card make sure you complete the discipline section, if it is a red card send me an email as well. Get the name of the player as well as the shirt #
  3. Substitution on goal kicks, goals, injury and any throw-in. Coaches must get your permission first.
  4. The referee must provide pre-game instructions to assistant referees.
  5. Game will be assigned through power-up, you are expected to accept/decline within three days, otherwise the games may be removed from your schedule and re-assigned.
  6. The referee crew is responsible for managing the retreat line (U11/U12). A general guideline is to use the edge of the centre circle if there are no hash marks.
  7. An equipment check must be done, you just received an email with the policy on jewelry and thunder.




Refereeing/Assistant Refereeing House League U7 - U10

U7- plays 4 aside with no keeper or 5 aside including a keeper. A coach is allowed on the field but should not interfere with you or play.

U8- plays 5 a side including a keeper.

U9/U10- plays 7 aside including a keeper.

Make sure you are knowledgeable of the Laws of the Game for small sided-soccer.

  1. There is no offside in U7 to U10.
  2. When whole of the ball has crossed the touch-line, teams will do a pass-in.
  3. There are no yellow and red cards in U7 to U10 soccer.
  4. Games are scheduled for 6:30 and 7:30, Kick-off time is at 6:55 and 7:55, teams have a 25 minute practice before the game.
  5. You must be at the field at least 15 minutes before the kick-off time, which would be 6:40 or 7:40.
  6. There are no game sheets. The score must be reported as 0-0 on power-up.
  7. The referee must provide pre-game instructions to the assistants.
  8. Games will be assigned through Power-up, you are expected to accept/decline the games within 3 days of them being assigned.
  9. Once the game is completed you must (referee only) report the score as 0-0 on Power-up (this ensures that you and the assistants get paid).
  10. The referee team is responsible for managing the retreat line. A general guideline is to use the edge of the centre circle if the hash-mark is not provided.
  11. There are no card checks, an equipment check should be done.