Parents and Players

Recommendations and Guidelines for Players

¨Players must complete the Team Snap health check before arriving at the session.

¨If you experience any of the symptoms, please do not attend the session.

¨Do not carpool unless with immediate family members.

¨Always follow the instructions from coaches and respect physical distancing.

¨Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to activity commencing.

¨Do not congregate at the facility entry point.

¨Arrive prepared to train –changing rooms will not be in use.

¨Bring your own water bottles clearly labelled with your name.

¨Do not share water bottles.

¨Physical distancing of two (2)metres(6 feet) must be maintained.

¨All “non-essential” contacts should be avoided (handshakes, high 5’s, etc.).

¨Only use your own equipment.

¨Wash hands with hand sanitizer immediately before leaving home and after soccer activities and during scheduled breaks.

¨Do not spit at any time.

¨Any individual equipment used should be taken home and washed separately from others in the household (e.g. uniform).

¨Carry hand sanitizer in order to enable good personal hygiene.

¨Cover mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze.

¨Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.

¨Shower at home before and after training.


  Recommendations and Guidelines for Parents

¨Avoid congregating at facility entry points.

¨Remind players to arrive to training dressed and ready, as change rooms will not be available.

¨Only one parent/guardian attending soccer activities.

¨Parents/guardians to keep a reasonable distance from the field.

¨Ensure to check-in with coach for completion of attendance at the soccer activity.

¨At home, ensure all the player’s equipment is washed separately from the other household items.

¨Ensure child is healthy and has no sign of COVID-19 symptoms.

¨Drop and pickup player while maintaining desired rules and regulations around pick-up/drop-off and being a spectator if allowed.

-players are strongly recommended to wear masks throughout the session